Sugar Twin® Sugar Free Recipes

Recipes with Sugar Twin®

Whether baking or cooking, these recipes all use Sugar Twin as a sugar substitute. You might see slight variations in measurement or instruction, but these Sugar Twin recipes will give you the same tasty results. Pies, banana bread, cookies and other dessert and snack recipes all end up tasting delicious when you use Sugar Twin. Sweetness without the sugar—that’s Sugar Twin!

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  • Raisin Bread Pudding

    Raisin bread pudding

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  • Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake

    A cheesecake with a raspberry swirl

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  • Shake, Banana Foster

    Banana Foster like you’ve never had it before!

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  • Sin-Free Orange Bavarian

    An orange bavarian cake that is delicious and low in fat

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  • Snacking Carrot Cake

    Snacking Carrot Cake

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  • Spice Roasted Fruit with Orange Sauce

    Fruit in a delicious sauce

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  • Strawberry Cheesecake

    A classic strawberry cheesecake recipe

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  • Streusel Apple Pie

    A deiicious apple pie streussel

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  • Stuffed Harvest Squash

    Harvest sqush stuffed with a raisin and apple blend

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  • Sweet & Sour Sautéed Peppers

    Peppers sauteed in a sweet and sour sauce

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  • Tiramisu

    An old fashioned tiramisu

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  • Toast with Cinnamon & Sugar

    Just like grandma used to make

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